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A Stunning Dive into Superpower VR with Synapse

Step into the mind-bending world of Synapse, a rogue-like shooter game from Ndreams, offering a perfect blend of polished gameplay mechanics, striking high-contrast design, and the ultimate utilization of PlayStation VR 2's eye-tracking technology. It's time to play the telekinetic superhero - or supervillain if that’s what you fancy - battling your way through the subconscious of a threat to peace.

Embracing the Power Within

Synapse’s gameplay is as fascinating as it gets. Feel the thrill of levitating adversaries and crash them against rocky obstacles with a mere flick of your wrist. Lift crates, hurl explosives and manipulate the battlefield to your whims, all with an intuitive control system that makes you feel in control of a true superpower. More traditional combat elements, like firearms including shotguns and MP, add to the fun and allow old-school players a familiar ground.

Under the Helmet: The role of Colonel Peter Conrad

Imagine the espionage thrill of Tom Clancy and the eye-popping adventure of Indiana Jones. Now, mix them together. That’s Colonel Peter Conrad for you, the avatar you adopt in the game. As an agent, you’re tasked with a high-stakes mission to stop a looming catastrophe brewing deep in his subconscious. Twisty rock caves, memory temples, and energized enemies may hamper your quest, but with your telekinesis, nothing is impossible.

The Magic of VR

Synapse truly capitalizes on the potential of virtual reality gaming. The intuitive cover system from Fracked is here too, more sensitive and exhilarating than before. Grab hold of a wall with a button press, swiftly avoid enemy fire, and return to cover in a flash – you’re part of the action. The black-and-white design with stark color accents and smooth, fluid 60fps visuals on the PSVR 2's HDR display make every encounter a treat.

Scope and Variety: A Mixed Bag

Unfortunately, where Synapse falls short lies in its lack of variety and scope. The roguelite principle, which elongates the gameplay for approximately ten hours, at times feels repetitive as you rush through the same, overfamiliar levels. On the bright side, enemy and reward placements, along with upgrade stations, shuffle with every round, adding a dash of unpredictability to the game.

Synapse is a solid entry into the PlayStation VR 2 library, offering exhilarating gameplay, striking visuals, and a unique blend of kinetic combat. While its repeatability might dissuade some, the thrill and power of telekinetic combat keep things energetic and interesting throughout.


  • Multifaceted telekinetic powers to play with
  • Solid FPS mechanics for traditional gameplay lovers
  • Eye-catching high-contrast design with impressive visuals.


  • Lack of variation in level design can become tiresome
  • Overreliance on roguelite principles to extend gameplay
  • Imbalance in telekinetic abilities can affect gameplay dynamics.


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