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RobTop Games' platforming video game, Geometry Dash, was introduced in 2013 and quickly drew a crowd due to its engaging gameplay experience and impressive graphics. Players steer their character to the completion of the course, maneuvering around different challenges to attain their goal and coping with the distinct difficulties that each level type presents. Critics hailed the game at release, praising the engaging gameplay and eye-catching graphics. The success of Geometry Dash is clear, with over a billion games played and more than 100 million downloads. The average time per day spent by players on the game is about 20 minutes, making it a highly replayable game.


Geometry Dash's main aim is to successfully navigate each course by reaching the ending portal unscathed. The game features various obstacles like spikes and saw blades that the player must avoid by jumping over, dodging, or double-jumping them. The game provides players with the opportunity to customize their levels using a level editor. They can then share these levels with other players, enhancing the game's replay value. In a futuristic universe, the game directs a character through a sequence of challenges to achieve the end goal. To make the character leap, players tap the screen. Fun features like double-jumping, triple-jumping, and wall-jumping make obstacle evasion more exciting. The game provides power-ups useful for overcoming obstacles.


Geometry Dash showcases bright, minimalist graphics where levels are well-lit and obstacles are notably visible. The game employs a limited color palette, but each color is used most effectively. The graphics are basic yet adept, thereby not taking away from the gameplay. Every environment has its distinct visual appeal, and the music that accompanies gameplay is engaging and sticks in your mind.

Replayability Info

Geometry Dash’s replayability is a key feature, offering simple yet stimulating gameplay. The existence of level editor significantly contributes to its replayability, as it allows players not only to design their levels but also to share them. These user-created levels intensify the user experience allowing an infinite re-play. With a total of 21 levels, players can experience different levels multiple times.

Bottom Line

Geometry Dash provides an easily accessible, and engaging gaming experience. It's challenging, and highly addictive, boasting a catchy soundtrack and visually pleasing graphics. Whilst a sense of accomplishment is experienced by overcoming various obstacles, some players might find it too easy, too difficult or too short. It might come across as lacking a sense of progression and could be repeating for some, yet overall, it is a game that players keep coming back to.


  • Geometry Dash is an extremely addicting game that will keep you coming back for more
  • The controls are easy to learn and the gameplay is straightforward
  • The game is filled with a variety of different level designs that will keep you challenged
  • The soundtrack is awesome and will keep you hooked for hours


  • The game can be frustrating at times and may cause you to rage quit
  • The game is extremely addicting and may cause you to lose track of time


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