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In the realm of 2D platformers, "Pizza Tower" emerges as a delightful throwback with a speedy, modern twist. Drawing inspiration from the beloved Wario Land series, this game merges frantic gameplay with a nostalgia-inducing visual aesthetic reminiscent of ‘90s cartoons. At the heart of its madcap adventure is Peppino Spaghetti, an unexpectedly nimble and powerful Italian protagonist, on a valiant quest against the eponymous Pizza Tower.


  • Inventive and engaging gameplay that perfectly balances speed and exploration
  • Stunning pixel art visuals that capture the eccentric charm of '90s cartoons
  • An energetic soundtrack that enhances the game’s frenzied action
  • Flexible playing style, catering to both score attackers and explorers.


  • The chaotic pace may overwhelm players new to the genre
  • Some may find the game’s style and humor too unconventional.