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In the realm of 2D platformers, "Pizza Tower" emerges as a delightful throwback with a speedy, modern twist. Drawing inspiration from the beloved Wario Land series, this game merges frantic gameplay with a nostalgia-inducing visual aesthetic reminiscent of ‘90s cartoons. At the heart of its madcap adventure is Peppino Spaghetti, an unexpectedly nimble and powerful Italian protagonist, on a valiant quest against the eponymous Pizza Tower.

Unleashing the Italian Fury

The game thrusts players into the well-worn shoes of Peppino Spaghetti and, on occasion, Gustavo as they embark on a riotous journey through the Pizza Tower. Each player's mission is twofold: navigate through up to five uniquely themed floors, brimming with levels rich in secrets and obstacles, and to dismantle the tower piece by piece to save Peppino’s restaurant. The gameplay is a heady mix of exploration and destruction, encouraging players to unleash havoc on everything from monstrous foes to inanimate objects standing in their way.

Animated Mayhem and Auditory Bliss

Pizza Tower’s visual presentation is a standout feature, boasting pixel art that vibrates with the frenetic energy of ‘90s animation. Each frame is packed with exaggerated movements and expressions, breathing life into the game's wacky characters and settings. Complementing the visual chaos is an energetic soundtrack, which perfectly encapsulates the game's high-speed antics and keeps players pumped through their destructive spree.

Gameplay Galore

The game's structure offers a refreshing mix of high-octane platforming and exploration. Players are free to approach the game as they please: gunning for the highest score by masterfully navigating the levels at breakneck speed or taking their time to uncover all the secrets stashed away in the tower's many nooks and crannies. This flexibility adds a layer of replayability that will have gamers coming back for just one more run.

Befriending the Madness

Central to Pizza Tower’s charm is its array of bizarre characters and the dynamic player-character Peppino. With his superhuman agility and strength, Peppino demolishes everything in his path, from menacing monsters to the pesky rats that scurry underfoot. The game invites players to embrace the chaos and lean into the madness, offering a platforming experience that's as rewarding as it is riotous.


It boldly marries the best aspects of its inspirations with a unique identity that’s all its own. Despite its off-the-wall humor and frenetic gameplay, it retains a nostalgic charm that will resonate with fans of retro gaming and newcomers alike.


  • Inventive and engaging gameplay that perfectly balances speed and exploration
  • Stunning pixel art visuals that capture the eccentric charm of '90s cartoons
  • An energetic soundtrack that enhances the game’s frenzied action
  • Flexible playing style, catering to both score attackers and explorers.


  • The chaotic pace may overwhelm players new to the genre
  • Some may find the game’s style and humor too unconventional.


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