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Inspired by the legendary 'Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy,' 'Only Up!' provides a captivating vertical setting that tests the skills and perseverance of players. The game's protagonist, a determined teenager, is on a quest to break free from the grim realities of his ghetto life, a journey that promises both excitement and challenges.

As soon as players embark on this daring adventure, they are thrown into a mysterious world that is seemingly stuck in time. The mission is clear - to guide the protagonist through a series of daunting obstacles in his upward climb. The controls are impressively simple, with the WASD keys used for navigation and the Spacebar for jumping. The left Ctrl key facilitates crouching, which is crucial when negotiating tricky obstacles. The game throws a curveball by constantly introducing new obstacles, ensuring every stage is unique and challenging. Just as you master a certain mechanic, a fresh twist awaits, thereby escalating the challenge and keeping the excitement alive. 

An interesting aspect of 'Only Up!' is its ability to transport players into a world that appears frozen in time, urging them to ascend towards the pinnacle, far above the clouds. The game's graphics are immersive, and players can switch between front and side views or choose a first-person mode for a more intense experience. 

A distinctive characteristic of 'Only Up!' includes the option to decelerate time by right-clicking with your mouse. This feature proves particularly useful during extended jumps or when in free fall. Moreover, the game allows players to adjust their camera perspectives, offering a more personalized gaming experience.

Despite its captivating gameplay and stunning visuals, 'Only Up!' is not devoid of shortcomings. There are occasional glitches in the controls and animations, and at times, the character's movement can be hindered by sudden shifts in the view angle, caused by the game's erratic camera. This can make simple tasks like walking straight quite challenging. 

In summary, 'Only Up!' offers an exciting gameplay experience that pushes your abilities to the limit through its difficult challenges and distinctive gameplay aspects. Despite a few small setbacks, the game delivers a deeply engaging experience that is surprisingly both enjoyable and challenging in equal parts.



  • Engaging gameplay with constantly changing obstacles
  • Simple controls for easy navigation
  • Immersive graphics that transport players into a unique world
  • Unique features like time control and camera adjustment.


  • Occasional glitches in controls and animations
  • Erratic camera that can disrupt gameplay.


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