Unleashing Swordplay Potential in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT

Embark on an adventurous journey through the thrilling and captivating universe of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, showcasing the untapped possibilities within the Battle Royale genre. As an adrenaline-fueled third-person melee game, it magnificently mashes the frenzied supply gathering of Apex Legends, the constricting circle arena, and the intense swordplay reminiscent of Soul Calibur.

Deep-Diving into Sword-Swinging Gameplay

60 warriors are pitched against each other on a battle-scarred island in true Battle Royale style. You could be controlling one of seven exceptional heroes independently or in teams. Adept players of Fortnite or Call Of Duty: Warzone will recognize the familiar formula of scavenging for items – in this case, shattering katanas, daggers, and spears, robust breastplates, and magical trinkets called Souljades providing passive boosts. However, similarities with other Battle Royale games end there, as intense sword duels with wild slashes and well-timed parries turn combats into an experience more akin to a fighting match than a shooter.

Monitoring your rivals' actions, perfecting lightning-quick combat rhythm, and learning the technique and execution of various attack styles are some of the skills needed for victory. Initially, you may find the high skill threshold daunting, but consistency and patience will see you through, catapulting short-lived embarrassment into thrillingly rewarding fights.

Indulging in Ranged Weaponry 

Adding an exciting twist to the melee match, there are ranged weapons such as muskets, flamethrowers, and bows at your disposal. However, mastering these arms could be tricky. While it may not serve as an effective primary combat resource, learning to handle these can be beneficial for last-minute attacks and in team fighting situations where you can safely send in flying arrows or bullets while your allies draw in the attention.

Embracing Trios for Strategic Gameplay

Battling in groups of three elevates strategic gameplay to an unprecedented height. Planning attacks according to your hero's unique abilities can lead to creatively stunning victories. Imagine using Matari, the stealthy assassin who can vanish and teleport around the battlefield, launching surprise attacks while your friends create a diversion. Isn't that a roguishly fun plan to execute?

The Missing Link: Character Backstory

You might be disappointed if you're seeking engaging backstories for your favorite characters. Character depth seems to be an area where NARAKA: BLADEPOINT somewhat falls short, lacking in creating a personal bond between the players and their chosen heroes.


As refreshing as NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is in providing a fresh take on the Battle Royale genre, it might leave you feeling uneasy due to its significant dependence on bot matches, which may offer little to no challenge to seasoned players. However, the high-skill melee fighting experience, coupled with its stunning visuals and unique take on the formula, makes it a battle royale game worth exploring.


  • Array of unique combat styles
  • Addition of ranged weapons
  • Balancing solo and team gameplay
  • Challenging skill ceiling.


  • Weak character depth and backstory
  • Reliance on a bot-based ranking system that could deter learning for some players.


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