Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, an action RPG crafted by CyberConnect2, was launched for eighth-generation consoles and Microsoft Windows. Drawing inspiration from the beloved Dragon Ball Z anime, it traces the saga of Goku and the Z Fighters as they confront formidable adversaries and avert global catastrophe. Assuming Goku's role, players navigate the Dragon Ball Z universe, engaging in the high-octane confrontations that characterize the show.

Engaging Yet Repetitive Combat

The gameplay in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot meshes excitement with intensity in its combat system. It allows for an assortment of combination attacks and potent special moves for subduing enemies. Although the combat mechanics are simple, they contain enough complexity to keep the gamer engaged. The game also offers a selection of characters, each endowed with distinct abilities and fighting styles.

Its main shortfall, however, is a modest level of replay value. Once the primary narrative is concluded, players are left with little more than side missions or the monotonous task of item and experience collection. Furthermore, the absence of a multiplayer function detracts from potential replayability.

Detailed Storytelling Meets Dynamic Combat

This title is a meticulous homage to its anime predecessor, capturing the story, characters, locales, and adversaries with precision. It includes a range of side missions and activities like fishing, cooking, and item collection. Combat is central to the experience, filled with spectacular attacks and maneuvers, offering a vigorous and engaging means to revisit the anime's plot.

However, certain aspects dampen the experience. The expansive world feels underutilized, with limited exploration opportunities. Side missions can become tedious, and combat might lose its initial appeal. Additionally, the game is plagued by technical issues, including prolonged loading screens and inconsistent frame rates.

A Captivating Yet Imperfect Adventure

In summary, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot presents a compelling and immersive journey for fans, distinguished by its exhilarating combat and faithful representation of the Dragon Ball Z realm. Despite its drawbacks, such as limited replay value and the omission of multiplayer capabilities, it stands as a gratifying experience for aficionados of the franchise.


  • Great graphics give the game an immersive experience
  • An in-depth story that follows the anime, including side missions and post-game content
  • The combat system allows for a variety of creative strategies
  • A diverse cast of characters to interact with
  • A variety of mini-games to keep players entertained


  • Some of the side missions can be repetitive
  • The game can be grind-heavy, with some areas requiring a lot of grinding for power-ups and items
  • Some of the combat can be cumbersome and difficult to master
  • Some of the voice acting can be a bit cheesy


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