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Launched in 2013 as an open-world action, "Amazing Frog?" offers players the opportunity to dive into the wide-ranging explorative liberty within the virtual setting of Swindon, England. Initially launched for Windows, macOS, and Linux in October 2016, the game later expanded its reach to iOS devices in May 2017 and to Android in June 2017. Launched in 2013 as an adventure game, "Amazing Frog?" offers players the opportunity to dive into the wide-ranging explorative liberty within the virtual setting of Swindon, England.

Gameplay Overview

"Amazing Frog?" places players in the webbed feet of a frog, navigating through the open-world setting of the whimsical town of Swindon. The town boasts an assortment of explorable venues, from the grim confines of a graveyard to the bustling activity of a shopping mall and the functional dynamics of a sewage treatment facility. The game is engineered with a detailed physics engine, laying the groundwork for its signature ragdoll physics. This dynamic allows for an immersive interaction with the game’s environment and objects, enriched further by a series of puzzles awaiting resolution.

The essence of "Amazing Frog?" is encapsulated in its sandbox gameplay, devoid of any specified goals, thus granting players the liberty to traverse the world, engage with objects, and interface with characters at will. Players can amass coins for shopping, uncover power-ups for special capabilities, and partake in various minigames to supplement their coin haul. Frog abilities extend to jumping, wall climbing, swimming, and jetpack flying within a procedurally generated cityscape, with the ultimate aim of uncovering collectibles and conquering all challenges.


The graphical presentation of "Amazing Frog?" is a vivid, cartoon-inspired feast for the eyes. Populated with a diverse array of objects and personalities, the game’s world is realized through a 3D graphics engine. Despite its basic visual elements, the game’s art direction succeeds in creating an engaging, exploratory experience.

Replay Value

The foundational sandbox approach of "Amazing Frog?" significantly enhances its replay value. The game’s world welcomes players to discover at their leisure, with an unstructured framework for completing tasks and solving puzzles. Moreover, a wealth of secrets and easter eggs scattered throughout the game serve as an incentive for thorough exploration.

Bottom Line

To sum up, developed and released by Fayju, "Amazing Frog?" is a physics-driven sandbox adventure game that first made its way to the public on August 27, 2013, and is available on several platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. Through its open-world gameplay, the title offers an engaging escapade across the multifaceted environment of a frog character, promising endless exploration and interaction opportunities.


  • A classic platformer with a hilarious twist
  • A true challenge that will test your skills
  • Tons of secrets to discover


  • Can be frustrating at times
  • Not for everyone


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