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Awakening to the gentle sounds of a bustling village, "Untitled Goose Game" introduces players to a day in the life of a feathered fiend determined to wreak havoc across an unsuspecting locale. A unique concoction of chaos and comedy, the game weaves a playful narrative through its stealth-based sandbox gameplay, where you—the goose—are the architect of anarchy in a world that just wants to live in peace.


  • Engaging stealth-based, sandbox gameplay
  • Two-player cooperative mode enhances the fun
  • Crisp, pleasing graphics and immersive sound design
  • The dedicated honk button adds to the game's charm
  • Free two-player update for existing owners.


  • It may not satisfy those seeking high-stakes action
  • Some players might find the pranks repetitive over time
  • Limited scope and setting may affect replayability.