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Raft® Survival - Ocean Nomad


Within the broad spectrum of mobile gaming, a standout title merges survival tactics with adventurous exploration: Raft® Survival - Ocean Nomad. This game plunges you into the existence of a solitary survivor, adrift on a tiny raft amidst the limitless expanse of the ocean. Facing the relentless challenges of hunger, thirst, and the merciless environment, this game is a gripping narrative of human resilience and creativity.


  • Engaging survival mechanics that require strategic planning and resource management
  • Visually appealing graphics that create an immersive survival experience
  • Dynamic weather system and day-night cycle add realism and challenge
  • Regular updates and new content keep the game fresh and interesting
  • Challenging quests and achievements that offer additional goals and rewards.


  • Can be repetitive for some players who prefer more story-driven games
  • Occasional bugs and glitches can disrupt gameplay
  • In-game purchases may be necessary to progress more quickly.