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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe


Mario Kart 8 dazzles with its lively graphics, captivating gameplay, and boundless replayability, making it an essential addition for any racing game enthusiast. As the latest entry in the treasured Mario Kart franchise, it skillfully melds cherished traditional features with some novel innovations to maintain its allure.


  • Stunning, high-definition graphics
  • Immersive and fun gameplay
  • High replay value with 32 tracks
  • Multiplayer mode for local and online competition
  • Vehicle customization options
  • Anti-gravity racing feature
  • Accessible controls are suitable for all skill levels.


  • Battle mode is less engaging than the main races
  • Limited character roster compared to other Mario Kart games
  • Lack of a proper single-player campaign
  • Sometimes frustrating item balancing
  • Occasional online connectivity issues.