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Ghost of Tsushima


Immerse yourself in "Ghost of Tsushima," Sucker Punch's latest foray into a land marked by war and beauty. Here, players don the armor of Jin Sakai, a samurai thrust into an untenable situation as the Mongol hordes lay siege to Tsushima. With a world rendered in exquisite detail and a protagonist caught between the rigid samurai code and the pressing need for guerrilla warfare, "Ghost of Tsushima" delivers a narrative-rich adventure set against one of history's most captivating eras.


  • Vast, dynamic terrain that invites exploration and evokes emotional responses
  • A dual-layered story combining historical context with personal conflict
  • Intelligent combat system that emphasizes skill and strategic diversity
  • Responsive and atmospheric soundtrack that enhances gameplay moods
  • Multiple approaches to conflict, with a well-executed nod to samurai cinema.


  • The protagonist lacks a compelling charisma compared to the antagonist
  • Some disparity between lip-syncing and emotional expression in language options.