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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout


Launched on August 4, 2020, FG: Ultimate Knockout, a creation of Mediatonic with Devolver Digital as its publisher, rapidly gained fame as an appealing new entrant in battle royale gaming. Compatible with Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One systems, the game features a competitive format where up to 60 participants engage in elimination rounds. Participants traverse through distinct levels, each featuring its own set of challenges, aiming to outperform adversaries and remain as the sole survivor. The game also offers extensive options for personalizing avatars with a broad array of costumes and accessories.

Gameplay Highlights

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout distinguishes itself in the battle royale category by introducing a variety of creative, obstacle-filled stages alongside strict time constraints. It cleverly integrates power-ups and beneficial items, challenging players to leverage platforming skills and strategic thinking to evade obstacles and adversaries and reach the end first. It dramatically tests players' reflexes and strategic planning through a multitude of demanding courses.

Visual Appeal

The game features a lighthearted, cartoon-like visual style characterized by bright and dynamic colors that infuse the game with life and a unique charm. It showcases detailed character designs and environments, transporting players across varied scenes that range from the charm of medieval castles to the mystery of cosmic spaces, all presented in an engaging, vivid manner.

Engagement and Longevity

With its array of levels and evolving challenges enhanced by strategic power-ups, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout ensures a high level of re-engagement for players. The constantly shifting landscapes encourage participants to return and compete in new, evolving match-ups.

Summarized View

To sum up, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout distinguishes itself as a compelling and aesthetically pleasing title within the gaming world, marked by its focus on repeated play. Even though its level of challenge might be daunting for some and its humor not universally appealing, the game's dynamic mechanics, distinctive visual style, and the excitement of facing competitors secure its position as a must-play for many gamers.


  • Fast-paced and funny
  • Great graphics and sound
  • Highly addictive and replayable


  • Some of the challenges can be a little too difficult
  • Some of the humour may not be to everyone’s taste


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