07 Feb

Benjamin Carter


US Senators Mark Warner and Marco Rubio have written to Facebook's parent company Meta Platforms this week about documents that suggest the social media giant allowed developers in China and Russia to have access to user data that could be used for espionage.

The news has raised eyebrows in both the US and abroad, as the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence seeks to uncover the details of this arrangement.

The document in question, which was obtained by the US Senate Select Committee, shows that Facebook had been aware of the potential for user data to be taken advantage of by foreign developers since at least 2013. It is said to outline the company’s “Business-to-Business” (B2B) relationships with developers, who could potentially access sensitive user data. Additionally, the document also warns of the potential for “unintended use” of the data, such as espionage.

This news has sparked concern among US lawmakers, who are wary of the potential implications of allowing foreign developers access to user data. Warner and Rubio have both commented on the matter, with Warner alleging that the documents show “a disturbing pattern of disregard for user privacy by Facebook,” while Rubio suggested that it “raises serious questions about how Facebook is using and monitoring the data it collects.” 

In response to these accusations, Facebook has defended itself, claiming that it has “always been clear that developers can build on our platform, but we do not provide access to user data for espionage purposes.” They also noted that the document in question was from 2013 and did not reflect the changes that have been made since then. 

The US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has been investigating the potential misuse of user data by foreign developers for some time, and this most recent development is sure to add further fuel to the fire. It remains to be seen what the outcome of the investigation will be and whether or not Facebook will be held accountable for any potential wrongdoing. 

The news of Facebook’s potential negligence regarding user data has caused an uproar among US lawmakers and concerned citizens alike. What do you think of the situation? Leave a comment and let us know.