14 Jun

Benjamin Carter


TikTok has announced the return of its European Advertising Awards for 2023, which aims to recognize the most creative and effective marketing campaigns on the platform. With TikTok continuing to gain cultural prominence across various sectors, it's fascinating to see how brands are adapting their marketing strategies and campaigns to resonate with the app's millions of users.

Last year, the inaugural EU Ad Awards celebrated some of the best marketers on the app. TikTok stated that 64% of its users want brands to push creative boundaries, making the awards an excellent opportunity for agencies and brands to showcase their most innovative and entertaining content. The awards spotlight brands that are effectively driving impact while engaging TikTok's ever-growing community.

For the 2023 awards, TikTok has introduced a new category - Greatest Small Business - to acknowledge further expert-level TikTok Ads Manager use among small businesses with fewer than 50 employees. This award recognizes businesses that have successfully employed TikTok ads to achieve their campaign goals, drive real-world results, and push creative boundaries that feel native to the platform. The other categories include Greatest Creative and Greatest Performance.

Local awards ceremonies will take place across Europe to identify the top performers in each market. The Grand Prix event, scheduled for late November, will determine the ultimate winners. The Greatest TikTok award, reserved for the best overall campaign, will go to the brand that successfully taps into the platform's community, creativity, and trends to create a memorable cultural moment. Winners will receive a trophy, ad credits, TikTok PR promotion, a digital badge, and invitations to the awards events.

With the European Advertising Awards, TikTok provides a chance for brands to gain recognition for their creativity and skill in crafting standout campaigns. As TikTok continues to establish itself as a vital marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, the awards offer an opportunity for marketers to learn, innovate, and raise the bar for future campaigns. The competition is already heating up, and we can't wait to see what incredible campaigns emerge in the 2023 awards.