26 May

Benjamin Carter


With the recent release of The Last of Us Part 1 on PC, developer Naughty Dog has been actively addressing various issues and enhancing game performance through multiple patches. The latest hotfix, The Last of Us PC Patch, is now available, focusing on general stability improvements and addressing specific reported problems.

Since the title's launch in March earlier this year, numerous patches have been deployed to improve the overall gaming experience on PC. For instance, the previous update (PC Patch aimed to boost performance and texture fidelity while decreasing shader build times, providing players with a smoother playing experience.

In collaboration with porting partner Iron Galaxy, Naughty Dog has now introduced Hotfix to address crashes caused during startup by all Intel Arc GPUs – a crucial issue affecting many users of these graphics processors. Moreover, this patch also includes stability enhancements for specific AMD graphics cards during extended gameplay sessions.

While detailed information about the affected AMD GPUs remains undisclosed in the patch's official release notes, it is clear that the developers are working diligently to tackle various technical issues and ensure a positive gaming environment for all players running The Last of Us Part 1 on their PCs.

In conclusion, the continuous release of patches, such as Hotfix, demonstrates Naughty Dog's unwavering dedication to optimizing The Last of Us Part 1's gameplay on PC platforms. By proactively addressing technical issues and enhancing stability across various hardware configurations, including Intel Arc and AMD GPUs, the developers strive to provide a seamless and gratifying experience for all gamers.