02 Feb

Benjamin Carter


Valve’s Steam platform on PC is one of the most popular ways for gamers to purchase and access games. The platform is regularly tweaked and updated by Valve and as of today, a new update has been released that brings a few new features to the software. 

This update includes a range of new features that aim to improve the gaming experience for Steam users. The first of these is an improved library view, which provides a better overview of the games that are currently installed on the platform. This library view can be customized to show different types of games, allowing for easier access and organization. Additionally, the update also includes a new ‘Friends & Chat’ tab, which can be used to quickly and easily communicate with friends. 

Another new feature is an improved in-game overlay, which provides more detailed information about the game that is currently being played. This overlay can be used to quickly access achievements, friends, and game stats. The update also introduces a new way to access game guides, which can be opened directly in Steam. The update also introduces a range of improvements to the Steam store, including a new ‘Featured Games’ section and better support for PC VR. 

The new update for Steam is sure to be welcomed by users of the platform, as it adds a range of new features that improve the overall experience. From an improved in-game overlay to a new ‘Friends & Chat’ tab, the update adds a variety of useful features to the platform. The update is now available to all users of Steam on PC.