27 Apr

Benjamin Carter


Foamstars, the team-based shooter by Square Enix, has been plagued with matchmaking problems since its release on February 6, 2024. The developer has issued apologies and promises for fixes, but a definitive resolution for these issues remains pending.

In a recent blog update, producer Kosuke Okatani expressed gratitude towards the gaming community and addressed the ongoing matchmaking difficulties. Although he apologized for the inconvenience, he did not provide specific details or a timeline for a solution, leaving players uncertain. Okatani did hint at addressing other critical concerns within the game but did not discuss them in detail.

The upcoming patch, however, focuses not on the matchmaking issues but rather on implementing penalties for players who exit games early or remain inactive during matches. These penalties include temporary bans aimed at improving the overall gameplay experience. Additional improvements in the patch cover fixes for the character Chloe Noir and the resolution of a recurring crash on the PlayStation 4 version. The patch will also tackle issues with spawn camping on the Radiant Rhythms Gardens map.

Despite the frustration with matchmaking, Square Enix tried to maintain player interest by revealing plans for Season 4, which includes a new map and a 'hololive collaboration skin.' These updates are expected to roll out by mid-May.

The developer's failure to promptly address the fundamental matchmaking problems could delay some players' full return to Foamstars as they await a more stable and reliable gaming experience.