14 Apr

Benjamin Carter


Hogwarts Legacy is the latest game to put players into the magical world of Harry Potter. Players can roleplay as a student at Hogwarts and explore the world of witchcraft and wizardry. However, one player took their roleplaying to the next level, playing as the infamous Voldemort and displaying his ruthless power by defeating Professor Matilda Weasley in a no-holds-barred beatdown.

The events of Hogwarts Legacy take place in the late 1800s, decades before Voldemort ever attended Hogwarts in 1938. It is unknown how Voldemort would have fared against the strongest witches and wizards of the time, but his rise to power likely would have been the same whether he attended Hogwarts during this time or not.

A Reddit user nicknamed doomed_lifeform shared a video of his character, Voldemort, battling Professor Weasley. The professor is quickly defeated by an onslaught of powerful spells, leaving her face down on the ground as Voldemort walks away. The video reveals two different mods used, one of which being a Voldemort character mod and the other allowing players to attack fellow students and professors. The Voldemort mod is available on NexusMods, and the Attack mod is exclusively for Jedijosh920 subscribers on Patreon.

The video also includes a few spells that players may not recognize, which is the result of a mod adding those spells to the game. Mods like this one open up a wide range of possibilities for PC gamers, often allowing them to do things that the developers didn't have in mind.

In conclusion, Voldemort's merciless attack on Professor Weasley may be uncomfortable for some to watch, but thankfully, there are plenty of friendlier mods for players to enjoy as well. Some of them are downright silly and entertaining, offering comedic relief for those who don't appreciate the darker side of Hogwarts Legacy. With mods, the game is truly whatever you make of it.