15 Feb

Benjamin Carter


PUBG Mobile, the popular mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has announced its new partnership program for Southeast Asia. The program seeks to bring together local organizations and influencers to help promote the game in the region. This comes as part of PUBG Mobile's growth strategy for the region, which is becoming one of the most important markets for the game. 

The partnership program will focus on creating new content, events, and campaigns that will help drive awareness and engagement with the game in Southeast Asia. Partners will be given access to exclusive in-game items, events, and rewards. They will also be able to collaborate with PUBG Mobile to create exclusive content and experiences that they can share with their audiences. 

The program will also provide partners with the opportunity to network with other influencers and organizations, allowing them to create mutually beneficial relationships that can help them further their reach. PUBG Mobile is also looking to create more local tournaments and events for Southeast Asia, giving players the chance to compete for prizes and glory. 

The program is open to influencers, streamers, teams, and organizations from all countries in the region. Those interested in applying can do so through PUBG Mobile's official website. 

PUBG Mobile's partnership program for Southeast Asia is an exciting opportunity for local influencers, teams, and organizations to get involved in the game and help promote it in their region. With the help of these partners, PUBG Mobile can continue to grow and become one of the most popular mobile games in the region.