08 Jun

Benjamin Carter


Netflix Set to Cease Support for Early Apple TV Devices in the Following Month: Insider Information

Netflix, the widely acclaimed video streaming platform, is rumored to soon phase out support for previous Apple TV versions, following discussions on Reddit. Individuals on this online discussion site disclosed notifications from Netflix about discontinuing support for some of the early Apple TV iterations. The streaming giant plans to pivot its focus towards newer models and integrate the most recent enhancements, including revamped icons and an updated home interface introduced recently.

No More Netflix on Early Apple TV Devices

A user in the Apple TV subreddit section uploaded a screenshot showcasing what seems to be a notification from Netflix, signaling the termination of support to early Apple TV editions. According to the information shared, Netflix will cease support for both the Apple TV (2nd generation) and Apple TV (3rd generation) by the end of July.

The notification stated, "You're receiving this notification because you've previously utilized either the Apple TV (2nd generation) or the Apple TV (3rd generation) for Netflix streaming. Regrettably, we're concluding support for these models as of July 31, 2024."

Netflix indicates that this initiative is aimed at ensuring subscribers enjoy the optimal streaming experience. Beneath the mentioned post, a participant speculated on the possibility of a complete discontinuation. "I'm inclined to assume it’s a full discontinuation, considering I suspect the 'applications' for these Apple TV models are essentially web applications either managed by Apple or merely their startup icons/URLs are maintained by Apple."

Enumeration of Discontinued Devices

Crucially, every Apple device marked for discontinuation by Netflix is already labeled as “obsolete” by Apple, as stated on its official support website. Apple describes this designation as applicable to devices whose sales ceased more than seven years ago. Apple ceases all hardware services for such products, and repairs parts are not procurable for service providers.

The Apple TV (2nd generation) emerged in September 2010, supporting displays up to 720p resolution. Conversely, the Apple TV (3rd generation), launched in 2012 and equipped with an A5 chip, allowed for content streaming in resolutions up to 1080p.

Remarkably, these units operated on an archaic iOS version, as opposed to tvOS, which was unveiled in 2015 and features compatibility with third-party apps.