26 May

Benjamin Carter


Neil Druckmann, co-president of Naughty Dog, hinted at the transformative potential of the gaming studio's upcoming project during a discussion with Sony, aligned with their corporate strategy assembly on May 23. He suggested this forthcoming venture might "alter mainstream notions of what video games can be."

In his conversation, Druckmann expressed great enthusiasm for a new project, calling it "the most exciting endeavor to date." He shared insights into the evolving recognition of gaming across different generations, a stark contrast to his early years. Druckmann noted, particularly, how Naughty Dog's move to television with The Last of Us aimed to narrow the divide between gamers and those unfamiliar with gaming.

The success of The Last of Us TV adaptation, according to Druckmann, has not only brought gaming into the limelight but has also validated it as a form of rich and immersive storytelling. He believes this attention bodes well not just for Naughty Dog's current project but for the entirety of the gaming industry's capability to engage global audiences.

Druckmann is keen to observe the reception of this new title, especially in the wake of The Last of Us's success, as it has the potential to shift conventional views on gaming. While Naughty Dog has yet to disclose details about its next title, speculation is rife regarding whether it will be a continuation of The Last of Us series or a completely new intellectual property. Druckmann mentioned having a "concept" for the next chapter of The Last of Us and described the new game as "exceptionally ambitious," acknowledging certain complexities in its development.

Furthermore, Naughty Dog has proclaimed its ambition to "eliminate crunch" after the demanding production schedule for The Last of Us Part 2, signaling a commitment to fostering a healthier work environment.