10 Jan

Benjamin Carter


The much-anticipated video game Cyberpunk 2077 has finally been released, and players are already pushing their boundaries. One modder, in particular, took it upon himself to make the characters of Cyber Punk 2077 look like characters from the cult action movie "The Matrix." Read on to find out how this mod works and what it adds to the game.

This mod, created by modder 'Krejlooc,' replaces the standard clothing of many of the NPCs in Cyberpunk 2077 with apparel from The Matrix. The mod also changes the fighting style of these NPCs to better mimic their Matrix counterparts. This includes martial arts, hand-to-hand combat, and even gunfighting. The mod also changes the background music to the iconic soundtrack from the movie for added effect.

In addition to these cosmetic and audio changes, the mod also adds some new dialogue options to the NPCs. Players can now ask the NPCs questions about The Matrix and get answers that are in line with the themes of the movie. This makes the mod both immersive and humorous, as the NPCs respond to the questions with funny quips and references to the movie.

The mod also adds a few new in-game items that are inspired by The Matrix. These items range from weapons to clothing and even vehicles. All of these items have their own unique properties that are tailored to fit the themes of the movie and the game.

Changing Cyberpunk 2077 to imitate The Matrix by altering the NPCs is an incredibly imaginative approach to improve the game. Not only does it add new dialogue options and items, but it also changes the fighting styles of the NPCs and the background music for added immersion. This mod is definitely worth checking out for any fan of The Matrix or Cyberpunk 2077.