Microsoft Brings Back Much-Needed Taskbar Functionality to Windows 11

  • 15-03-2023 |
  • Polad Aladi

Microsoft is finally giving users the control they wanted over their taskbars with the upcoming release of Windows 11. The newly found code in the 25314 build points to a more personalized experience for users, and exciting features like grouping modes and label support are set to make a comeback.

The taskbar in Windows 11 has been one of its most controversial aspects since its release. Users have long complained about the lack of control afforded by it compared to previous iterations of Windows OS, so much so that many resorted to using hacks just to get back some functionality. Thankfully, Microsoft seems to be listening and bringing back requested features in an upcoming update.

XenoPanther was one of the first people on Twitter who reported finding strings related to changes coming up for Taskbar in the 25314 build. Among other things, they mentioned potential returns for grouping modes as well as labels being visible again – something which has not been seen since before Windows 10's launch. Leaker PhantomOfEarth also confirmed these findings on Twitter shortly after XenoPanther's post went live, commenting that we might be seeing the "never combine" feature returning soon, too – giving users full control over how their tabs are grouped together on their taskbar(s).

The "never combine" option allows users can turn off Windows OS's automatic merging function which groups tabs from the same programs together when placed horizontally across your taskbar; instead, you'll be able to view all your programs separately without them getting merged into one rectangular box (which is what happens if there isn't enough space). This new feature should please a lot of people who want less clutter but still need access to multiple tasks simultaneously with no hassle!

Overall it looks like Microsoft is responding positively to user feedback regarding Window 11’s interface issues while making sure everyone gets exactly what they want out of their desktop experience! It will be interesting to see how this development shapes up once the official update rolls out later this year – stay tuned!