13 Dec

Benjamin Carter


The latest major update to Apple's mobile operating system has officially launched. After weeks of beta testing, iPhone users around the world can now upgrade to iOS 16.2, which brings with it a number of new features and improvements. 

New features include Apple Music Sing, a new Freeform collaboration app, and more advanced encryption features for iCloud. In this article, we'll take a look at what's new in iOS 16.2 and why it's an important update for iPhone users.

The first new feature in iOS 16.2 is Apple Music Sing, a karaoke-style feature that lets users sing along to their favorite songs. With this feature, users can adjust the volume of the song's voice while singing, making it easier to imitate music. It is a great way for users to enjoy their favorite songs in a new interactive way.

Another big new feature in iOS 16.2 is the Freeform collaboration app. This app allows users to work together on projects in real-time using a flexible canvas that lets you add files, images, stickers, and more. It's a great tool for teams and individuals who need to collaborate on projects, and it's available on all Apple platforms.

The update also includes a major change to Apple’s popular AirDrop feature, which many people are viewing as a regression. The “Everyone” option for AirDrop can now be enabled for a maximum of 10 minutes at a time. 

Previously, users could enable the “Everyone” setting, and it would remain enabled indefinitely. Additionally, the update includes participant cursors in Notes, which allow users to see live indicators as others make updates in a shared note.

Finally, iOS 16.2 also brings with it an important new security feature: improved data protection. With this connectivity feature, the total number of categories of iCloud data protected by end-to-end encryption is 23, including iCloud Backup, Notes, and Photos. This will help protect user information even in the event of a data breach in the cloud.