23 Oct

Benjamin Carter


In a bid to keep users engaged, Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature: a dedicated feed for content from Meta-verified accounts. This latest development is part of Instagram's ongoing efforts to provide users with relevant and high-quality content. While the full details of the new feature aren't available yet, some details have surfaced, offering a glimpse into how the Facebook-owned platform is evolving its content strategy.

Instagram's new feature, a dedicated feed for Meta-verified content, will operate similarly to its existing Explore feature. However, rather than surfacing content from a broad range of sources, this new feed will specifically showcase posts from Meta-verified accounts. As per initial reports, the proposed feature will be called 'Favorites' and will be housed alongside the regular feed. 

The primary objective is to provide users with a curated experience, enabling them to discover and engage with content from verified entities more effectively. It is expected to promote a higher degree of user engagement and interaction, as users can now easily locate and engage with content from their favorite brands, celebrities, or influencers.

However, the new feed may also present some challenges. For instance, smaller and unverified accounts might find it more difficult to gain visibility in an environment where verified accounts are given preference. Additionally, the new feature might impact the organic reach of posts from unverified accounts, possibly leading to a decline in engagement rates. On the other hand, Meta-verified accounts stand to benefit greatly from this feature, as it would provide them with a specialized platform for increased visibility and user engagement.

The introduction of a dedicated feed for Meta-verified content is demonstrative of Instagram's continuous efforts to improve user experience and engagement. While the new feature is still in the testing phase, its implementation could potentially revolutionize the way users interact with content on the platform. However, it also raises questions about the impact on smaller, unverified accounts and the future of organic reach on Instagram. As we await more details on this new feature, it's clear that Instagram is keen on innovating and adapting to the ever-changing social media landscape.