24 Dec

Benjamin Carter


The creators of the ambitious Fallout London mod, an extensive alteration of Fallout 4, have recently shared an update regarding the project's timeline. Initially eyeing a Q3 2023 release, the team had to readjust its plans partially in response to the arrival of Bethesda Game Studios' own Starfield. Nevertheless, their resolution to launch the mod by late 2023 was steadfast until further challenges arose.

As the year advanced, the modders were compelled by significant events on the global stage, presumably hinting at the turmoil in locales such as Ukraine and Palestine, to push back their timeline. Due to these circumstances, members responsible for the mod's scripting were affected, necessitating a reshuffling of responsibilities. This reorganization had a domino effect, disrupting the testing phase and enforcing the developers' decision to postpone the release to ensure a quality experience.

The team has expressed an unwavering commitment to releasing a game that lives up to both their and the community's standards. They seek to avoid hasty releases experienced by other projects in the past; therefore, they have now set the release day to coincide with St George's Day on April 23, 2024. In the months leading up to this new deadline, the team will double down on rigorous testing and fine-tuning to deliver on expectations.

In their development report, the team behind Fallout London boasted several notable achievements, including:

- The involvement of over 200 volunteers over a three-year development span;
- A playable map featuring 15 boroughs of London with intricately designed spaces for exploration;
- Seven distinct settlements compatible with Fallout 4's settlement construction feature;
- A massive playable area equal to the combined expanses of Fallout 4's Commonwealth and the Far Harbor expansion;
- An impressive array of custom-built assets, including 121 weapons, over 500 clothing items, and various other unique game resources;
- A rich auditory experience with new music tracks and radio stations;
- A narrative comprising more than 50 main quests and a myriad of side and faction-specific missions;
- Companions bringing life to the game, complete with voice acting and intricate relationship dynamics;
- An enormous count of voice lines exceeding those in other titles such as Fallout New Vegas and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim;
- Updated game mechanics, including new crafting systems and player movements;
- Innovative fast-travel methods reflecting the locale, like trains and taxis;
- Novel gameplay elements like dynamic weather, tobacco use, instrument playing, and even dairy farming.

This monumental undertaking previews an apocalyptic vision set in the British Isles and arrives at a time when Amazon Prime Video is poised to premiere the Fallout TV series.

While players eagerly await Fallout London, Bethesda promises continued support and updates for the ongoing Fallout 76, ensuring fans remain engaged with the franchise through 2024.