25 Oct

Benjamin Carter


In November 2022, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, announced that he had purchased Twitter Corporation. Musk made the announcement on Twitter, stating that he had "big plans" for the social media company.

Musk did not disclose how much he paid for Twitter, but the purchase price is believed to be around $20 billion. This would make Musk the largest shareholder in Twitter, with a controlling stake of approximately 54%.

Musk has been a vocal supporter of Twitter in the past, and has even credited the platform for helping him grow his businesses. In a tweet, Musk said that Twitter was "essential for democracy" and that he was "looking forward to working with the team to make it even better."

It is not yet clear what Musk plans to do with Twitter, but he has hinted that he may use it to launch a new business venture. In the past, Musk has used Twitter to promote his businesses, and it is likely that he will continue to do so.

Some have speculated that Musk may try to merge Twitter with another company, such as Tesla. However, it is not clear if such a merger would be possible, or if it would be beneficial for either company.

Regardless of Musk's plans, the purchase of Twitter is a major coup for the entrepreneur. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over 330 million monthly active users.

With Musk at the helm, Twitter is sure to see some major changes in the coming months. It remains to be seen what those changes will be, but one thing is for sure: Twitter will never be the same.