25 May

Benjamin Carter


As anticipation for the Nintendo Switch 2 builds, there's buzz surrounding dataminers discovering 4k resolution support within a Paper Mario remake.

The potential existence of a Nintendo Switch 2 is causing excitement, and recent discoveries by dataminers may have unearthed evidence of 4k resolution capabilities in the anticipated remake of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

RibShark recently shared insights, mentioning the uncovering of 4k resolution handling within the new Paper Mario TTYD remake, as demonstrated in a screenshot. This screenshot illustrates the game's ability to adjust to various resolutions, including 4k - a feature not currently achievable by the existing Switch model without modifications. "Uncertain whether this aligns with the norm for Switch titles, but it caught my attention," stated RibShark.

The tech community has been rife with speculation about an upgraded Nintendo Switch model for several months. With Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo's president, hinting at unveiling next-generation hardware within the fiscal year, many fans are inferring that the newly found code might suggest plans for a Nintendo Switch 2 compatible version.

While no official confirmation exists regarding the successor to the Nintendo Switch and its capability to support 4k resolutions, the discovered code might not solely indicate an upcoming port or update. It's possible the code is remnants from development, a tool within the engine for generating higher quality promotional images, or even something more whimsical like prepping visuals for a cosmic audience. Nonetheless, speculation about the Nintendo Switch 2 will likely continue unabated until Nintendo makes an official announcement or a cataclysmic cosmic event takes precedence.

Amid ongoing speculation, there are reports suggesting the Switch 2 might debut as early as 2025, featuring backward compatibility and enhancements for select older titles. With the previous success of the Switch, Nintendo stands on the cusp of another monumental phase of growth.

While waiting for more news on Nintendo's future plans, there's a wealth of upcoming Switch titles to keep fans engaged.