28 Mar

Alison Harvard


The technological landscape is constantly evolving, with voice-powered assistance leading to a new era of convenience and innovation. Rabbit, a pioneering hardware maker, recently announced its collaboration with ElevenLabs to integrate sophisticated voice command capabilities into its r1 devices. This leap forward promises to make user interactions with technology more seamless and intuitive than ever before.

In January, the tech community buzzed with excitement as Rabbit revealed its intention to employ Perplexity AI's solutions for answering user queries on the r1 device. Now, with the partnership with ElevenLabs, these devices will not only respond accurately but do so with a natural, conversational tone, mimicking human interaction closely thanks to low latency models. Set to create waves in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Rabbit's r1 gadget is queued for shipment with ElevenLabs' cutting-edge tech, ready to redefine the dialogue between humans and machines.

Rabbit's devices are equipped to provide a wide array of services, from engaging chatbots to ordering rides and playing music. The first batch of r1 devices, priced at $199, is anticipated to leave the manufacturing line by the end of March, signaling a significant milestone for the company. Rabbit's CEO expressed confidence at a recent StrictlyVC event, citing close to 100,000 device orders, evidence of the growing demand for smarter, more communicative technology in the consumer market.

Amid the surge of interest and capital investment, ElevenLabs has not been without its challenges. Concerns over the misuse of voice cloning technologies have surfaced, underscoring the importance of ethical considerations in AI development. In response, ElevenLabs has introduced tools designed to combat the misuse of synthesized voice, demonstrating a proactive approach to the responsible application of their technology.

As Rabbit prepares to dispatch its r1 devices with ElevenLabs technology, consumers await a transformative user experience. This partnership is not just about convenience; it's about connecting people and technology in a more meaningful way. With both companies working in tandem, we are on the brink of a future where digital co-pilots enrich our daily lives, demonstrating the incredible potential of voice-enabled AI.