08 Jun

Alison Harvard



Astro Bot Digital Deluxe Edition proudly incorporates special costumes inspired by Bloodborne and PaRappa. Sony's proclamation illuminates the opportunity to pre-book the upcoming Astro Bot journey game, scheduled to debut worldwide on September 6. Three distinctive editions will be on offer, each with exclusive pre-order rewards.

The inaugural edition, also the sole version to be distributed in a tangible format, is the Physical Standard Edition. It boasts a striking dual-sided poster, a unique PaRappa the Rapper 'Lovestruck Lyricist' costume for the lead character, a special 'Glorious Graffiti' design for the game's Dual Speeder glider, and a pair of avatars for PlayStation Network accounts.

In contrast, the Digital Standard Edition mirrors the Physical Edition in rewards—except the poster. It's important to mention that these decorative pre-order items will not be immediately accessible at the game's outset. Players will need to advance through the game to a certain point before unlocking them, which is anticipated to occur relatively early in the game.

The crowning offering, the Digital Deluxe Edition, delivers an abundance of additional cosmetic items and bonuses. This includes a Parappa costume, a luxurious Golden outfit, and a 'Yharnam Hunter' costume inspired by Bloodborne. These nostalgically inspired outfits are a delightful alternative for fans yearning for a remaster. Additional Dual Speeder glider hues are added into the mix as well.

Beyond cosmetic enhancements, the Digital Deluxe Edition enriches the experience with the original game soundtrack, a digital art collection, and a dozen avatars for the PlayStation Network, drawing from a variety of Sony's iconic franchises.

These enticing incentives are cleverly designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia among fans. They seamlessly complement the Astro Bot series' celebration of the PlayStation legacy spanning over three decades.