26 Jun

Alison Harvard


Disney Dreamlight Valley unfurls an exciting chapter in its gameplay with the introduction of the fan-favorite characters, Simba and Nala, from the classic Disney movie, The Lion King. Pride Rock, their majestic home, is also a grand addition to the valley. Each of these royal lions is engaged in a fascinating quest series, with the focus here being on Nala's intriguing voyage, the quest titled "The Heart of a Lioness." This article will guide players on how to explore it right from initiation to conclusion.

Starting “The Heart Of A Lioness”

Disney Dreamlight Valley's

Nala's adventure, "The Heart of a Lioness" quest, is unlocked once a player reaches Friendship Level 7 with Nala. This quest unravels Nala's probe into peculiar happenings in the valley, involving mysterious portals, fishes, and, more importantly, her own role in the valley. To start this quest, players must first finish Nala's previous Friendship quest, "Fishy Business," which is accessible at Friendship Level 4.

Completing “The Heart Of A Lioness”

In the quest, Nala voices her worries about the weird rifts appearing above the valley's rivers and lakes. These rifts, apart from being strange, are also leading to the proliferation of peculiar invasive fish, which make it tough for the villagers to get the fish they need. The tasks to complete the quest “The Heart of a Lioness” have been outlined here:

Catching Fish for Moana, Remy, and Donald

Catching Fish for Moana, Remy, and Donald

Nala wants players to assist villagers in catching specific fish that have been hard to reel in due to the rifts. She asks the player to catch a Swordfish for Moana, 2 Crabs for Remy, and 3 Tuna for Donald, each found in specific locations across the valley. After catching the required fish, players need to deliver them to the respective villagers and then return to Nala.

Investigating Wall Markings in Pride Rock

In the same quest, Nala highlights mysterious markings on the wall inside Pride Rock. She suspects these markings hold some message and solicits the player's help in studying them. After interacting with the paw prints on the wall at the back of the cave, a Memory Orb appears. The orb uncovers a memory illustrating three lion statues connected with the previous quest, "Fishy Business." Nala deduces the lion statues require hearts and puts forth the task of crafting three Enchanted Hearts.

Crafting 3 Enchanted Hearts

Disney Dreamlight Valley  Minnie Mouse

To create the Enchanted Hearts, players need to catch three Weird Fish found near the Mystical Rifts and gather nine Dream Shards. After obtaining these, they should visit Minnie Mouse, who gives them her beloved red spotted bow. Using these materials, players can then craft the Enchanted Hearts at any crafting station. After their creation, players should return to Nala and gift her the hearts. This marks the completion of the Heart of a Lioness quest, setting the stage for Nala's final Friendship quest, "Here and There and Back Again."


Disney Dreamlight Valley's "The Heart Of A Lioness" quest makes for an enthralling journey, fostering deeper understanding and relation with Nala. This quest not only engages the players in an entertaining task series but also evolves their roles in the valley narrative. As you step into Nala's pawprints and aid in her mission, you will truly feel like a part of Pride Rock's majestic pride!