02 Dec

Benjamin Carter


In the expansive and often unforgiving world of ARK: Survival Ascended, survival hinges on the backs of the prehistoric creatures we tame and command. While many players gravitate towards the colossal powerhouses like the Rex or the utility of flying mounts such as the Argentavis, there exists a cohort of dinosaurs that boast quirky and distinctive abilities that can greatly enhance gameplay. These creatures, though less celebrated, offer a treasure trove of unique mechanics that can add depth and excitement to your ARK experience. Let's delve into the hidden potential of these seven underappreciated dinosaurs and discover how their distinctive talents can be harnessed to your advantage.

The Flightless Flier: The Enigmatic Terror Bird

The Terror Bird, with its comically small wings and powerful legs, encapsulates the essence of ARK's unexpected twists on prehistoric creatures. Despite its inability to achieve true flight, the Terror Bird's gliding prowess allows it to navigate treacherous terrain effortlessly, making it an ideal companion for spelunking and cliffside adventures. This bird's agility and respectable stats make it a solid choice for an early-game mount, offering a delightful alternative to the common Raptor. Its ease of taming and saddle accessibility means that embracing the peculiar charm of the Terror Bird can add an entertaining dynamic to your early explorations.

The Gentle Giant with a Pheromone Twist: Pachyrhinosaurus

Dinosaurs Pachyrhinosaurus

Don't let the Pachyrhinosaurus' benign appearance fool you; this creature is a master of chemical warfare. Its unique ability to emit calming or enraging pheromones grants players a measure of control over the surrounding wildlife, opening up creative strategies for passive taming or chaotic diversions. The Pachyrhinosaurus can be the cornerstone of a well-planned taming expedition or a tactical piece in the complex chessboard of PvP combat. With its robust defensive attributes, this dinosaur is a multifaceted ally that deserves a second glance.

The Versatile Siege Engine: Chalicotherium

The Chalicotherium stands out with its bizarre appearance and even more peculiar taming method - the offering of an alcoholic beverage. Once part of your menagerie, the Chalicotherium serves as a living artillery piece, hurling projectiles at foes with surprising accuracy. This feature transforms it into an invaluable base defender with the ability to repel attackers from a distance. In PvP scenarios, the Chalicotherium's rock-throwing antics can wreak havoc on enemy fortifications, providing a unique form of offensive capability that can catch opponents off guard.

The Prehistoric Parachute: Archaeopteryx

Archaeopteryx Dinosaur

The diminutive Archaeopteryx may not stand out in a crowd of larger, more intimidating dinosaurs, but its utility as a personal glider is second to none. This pint-sized pterosaur can grant survivors a measure of aerial mobility, allowing for a controlled descent from great heights or a strategic retreat from aerial engagements. The Archaeopteryx is an asset for any explorer aiming to minimize risk while traversing the vertical extremes of ARK's varied landscapes. Its talent for providing a safe landing is an invaluable tool that should not be underestimated.

The Mighty Marsupial: Procoptodon

The adorable Procoptodon is not just a cute face; it's an exceptionally agile mount capable of leaping great distances and covering ground quickly. This kangaroo-like creature can carry an additional survivor in its pouch, making it an ideal choice for cooperative ventures or rescue missions. The Procoptodon's ability to transport and protect juvenile dinosaurs adds an extra layer of utility, ensuring the safety of your future generations of tamed creatures. Its combination of mobility and multi-passenger capability makes it a versatile option for navigating the world of ARK.

The Hulking Primate: Gigantopithecus

Gigantopithecus Dinosaur

The Gigantopithecus might remind you of legendary cryptids like Bigfoot, and its abilities are just as mythical. Mounting this primate allows you to command it to hurl you across the landscape, providing an unconventional means of transportation. In PvP, this can be a game-changer, allowing for rapid and unpredictable base infiltration. The Gigantopithecus also boasts commendable combat capabilities, making it more than just a one-trick pony. Its diverse skill set can add an exciting twist to your survival strategy.

The Nocturnal Predator: Megalosaurus

The Megalosaurus is a creature of contrasts, with a unique daily cycle that sees it transition from a docile slumberer by day to a ferocious predator by night. This duality offers an intriguing dynamic for players, who can leverage its enhanced nocturnal prowess to dominate the nighttime landscape. Its ability to snatch and subdue smaller creatures makes it an effective hunter and transporter, while its significant boost in nighttime damage makes it a formidable force during raiding operations. The Megalosaurus is a resourceful companion for those who dare to embrace the darkness.


The world of ARK: Survival Ascended is a tapestry woven with the threads of countless dinosaur species, each offering a unique contribution to the survival experience. While some creatures may be overshadowed by the more popular choices, the dinosaurs highlighted here possess abilities that are not only quirky but also remarkably useful in the right hands. Whether it's gliding through the air, controlling the battlefield with pheromones, or leaping over obstacles with ease, these underappreciated dinos can enrich your gameplay in unexpected and delightful ways. So, the next time you set out to tame the wilds of ARK, consider giving these unsung heroes a chance to shine. They may just surprise you with their untapped potential and become your most trusted allies in the quest for survival.