13 May

Alison Harvard


As the landscape of Pokemon GO continues to evolve, the introduction of unique tournaments such as the Great League Remix challenges players to step outside their comfort zones and explore new strategies. This particular tournament sets itself apart by restricting certain Pokemon that have been staples in the competitive scene, pushing players to diversify their teams and tactics. With a CP limit of 1500 and a ban list targeting the usual suspects in the Great League meta, crafting the optimal team requires a blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of Pokemon synergies.

First and foremost, it's essential to grasp the core rules that define the Great League Remix. The CP limit is set to 1500, ensuring a level playing field, but the twist comes with the excluded Pokemon. These bans are strategically chosen based on their popularity among Ace-ranked Trainers and above, encouraging Players to venture into seldom-used picks. The comprised list includes formidable contenders like Azumarill, Skarmory, and Bastiodon, to name a few, effectively shaking up the meta and inviting fresh team compositions.

Top Picks for a Winning Team

Top Picks for a Winning Team

Despite the shakeup, numerous Pokemon rise to the occasion, ready to fill the void left by their banned counterparts. Here are some standout choices for the Great League Remix, categorized by their unique strengths and optimal move sets:

  • Carbink - With its Rock Throw, Rock Slide, and Moonblast, Carbink emerges as a versatile defender capable of dishing out significant damage while resisting common types.
  • Mandibuzz - A dark and flying type with excellent bulk, Mandibuzz's Snarl, Dark Pulse, and Aerial Ace moveset offers both offensive and defensive utility.
  • Empoleon - This steel and water type shines with Steel Wing, Hydro Cannon, and Drill Peck, offering considerable power and resilience.
  • Steelix - With Dragon Tail, Crunch, and Psychic Fangs, Steelix provides a sturdy backbone against a variety of opponents.

These recommendations are just the tip of the iceberg. Players should aim for a balanced team composition that can adapt to various threats. Incorporating Pokemon with low energy charge moves like Mantine with Wing Attack and Aerial Ace can quickly turn the tide of battle with fast-paced attacks.

Building a Cohesive Team

In the Great League Remix, success hinges on more than just powerful Pokemon; it demands a cohesive team strategy. For instance, pairing Carbink's vulnerability to Steel, Grass, Ground, and Water attacks with counters like Cresselia or Mandibuzz can cover its weaknesses while applying pressure on the opponent. Key considerations include:

Building a Cohesive Team

  • Type Coverage - Ensuring your team can collectively handle a wide range of types is crucial. This minimizes vulnerabilities and allows for flexible responses to unexpected challenges.
  • Bulk and Stamina - Pokemon with high bulk and stamina can outlast opponents in protracted battles, making them valuable assets for any team.
  • Fast-Charging Moves - Moves with low energy requirements can maintain pressure on opponents, forcing them to make difficult decisions and potentially turning the match in your favor.

Strategizing for Victory

With the team assembled, entering the battle with a solid strategy is paramount. Understanding the commonly encountered Pokemon and their counters allows players to anticipate and react to their opponents effectively. Utilizing lead Pokemon that have a broad range of effective matchups can secure an early advantage while keeping versatile counters in the back, which ensures preparedness for whatever the opponent throws your way.

Moreover, mastering the art of shield management and charge move timing can significantly impact the battle's outcome. Judicious use of shields and optimizing charge move activation can capitalize on enemy vulnerabilities or save your Pokemon in crucial moments.

Embracing the Meta Shake-Up

Embracing the Meta Shake-Up

The Great League Remix presents an exciting opportunity for Pokemon GO players to experiment with new strategies and compositions. By stepping out of the comfort zone and testing different Pokemon synergies, players can discover potent combinations that were previously overlooked. Embracing the dynamic meta keeps the competitive scene vibrant and challenging, ensuring that each tournament is a fresh experience.

In conclusion, while the restrictions of the Great League Remix might initially appear daunting, they serve as a catalyst for creativity and strategic depth. By carefully selecting a balanced team, understanding the meta, and executing a solid battle plan, players can rise to the occasion and achieve victory. So, gather your Pokemon, refine your strategies, and dive into the Great League Remix prepared to dominate the competition.