15 Feb

Benjamin Carter


In the evolving landscape of gaming, anticipation is as much a part of the experience as playing the game itself. Palworld, with its unique blend of creature collection, survival mechanics, and base building, has already carved a niche for itself in the hearts of gamers. However, with an engine change from Unity to Unreal Engine 5 came the omission of several eagerly awaited features. These teased elements promised to add depth, excitement, and innovation to the game, leaving many to wonder about what could have been. As development progresses, here's a look at 10 missing features that not only have the potential to elevate Palworld to new heights but also have gamers on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

New Pal Trainers/Bosses

The prospect of encountering new Pal trainers and formidable bosses is a tantalizing one. The game's current bosses bring a level of challenge and strategy, but the addition of more complex adversaries could enrich the gameplay significantly. Imagine battling against trainers with unique Pal teams that require you to rethink your strategies or facing bosses with dynamic, evolving tactics. The inclusion of such characters would not only expand the game's lore but also provide players with fresh challenges to overcome.

Improved Farming Mechanics And New Crops

Palworld screen game

Farming in Palworld is a feature with untapped potential. Early trailers hinted at a more robust farming system, including diverse crops and the ability to cultivate multiple types in a single plot. Enhancing this aspect of the game could lead to a richer, more rewarding agricultural experience. Players could engage in more strategic farming, choosing crops that best suit their needs or experimenting with different combinations to unlock unique benefits.

Fishing In Palworld

The glimpse of a Palworld where fishing is possible opens up numerous gameplay possibilities. Beyond simply adding another food source, fishing could introduce new mechanics, such as specific Pals being better suited for the task or unique cooking recipes that provide substantial buffs. The hinted use of Pals as part of the fishing process also suggests intriguing interactions and strategies for players to explore.

More Weapons/Weapon Addons

Palworld screen girl

The addition of new weapons and weapon addons would significantly enhance combat in Palworld. The teased sniper rifle and scope attachments suggest a move towards more varied combat scenarios, allowing players to tailor their approach to encounters. Whether opting for long-range engagements or preferring close-quarters combat, the ability to customize weapons to suit different playstyles would be a welcome improvement.

Items To Help With Catching Pals

Catching Pals is a core part of the Palworld experience, but the introduction of new items to assist in this endeavor could make it even more engaging. Items such as lassos for immobilizing Pals or cages for transport promise to add layers to the catching mechanics, offering players more strategic options and making the process of acquiring new Pals even more rewarding.

NPC Settlements Or Dungeons

Palworld game screen

The current Palworld map can sometimes feel lacking in points of interest. The teased content of NPC settlements and dungeons holds the promise of a world brimming with life and challenges. These areas could serve as hubs for quests, trading, and lore, enriching the game's narrative and providing players with goals beyond survival and base building.

Breakable Structures

The early trailers showcased a world where structures could be destroyed, leaving behind rubble. This feature could add a dynamic element to the game, where the aftermath of battles and player actions have a visible impact on the world. It would lend a sense of permanence to players' actions, adding weight to decisions and strategies.

Transportation Methods

Palworld screen

The teased transportation methods, including carts, ships, and large Pals, could revolutionize how players navigate Palworld. These additions would not only make travel more efficient but also add a layer of strategy regarding resource management and exploration. The ability to transport goods or other Pals across the map would open up new possibilities for base expansion and resource gathering.

Pal Interactions/Mechanics

The potential for more advanced Pal mechanics and interactions is perhaps one of the most exciting teased features. The vision of Pals participating in building structures or performing specific tasks suggests a game where your companions are more than just combatants; they're integral to your survival and progression. This deeper level of interaction would foster a stronger bond between players and their Pals, making the world of Palworld feel even more alive.

PvP/Fighting Arena

Palworld game wallpaper

The anticipation of PvP content has been palpable within the Palworld community. Whether through designated arenas or open-world encounters, the introduction of player versus player combat would add a thrilling competitive edge to the game. It would not only provide a test of skill and strategy but also offer a new way for players to interact with each other within the game's world.

While the transition to Unreal Engine 5 brought about the temporary loss of these promising features, the future of Palworld remains bright. The success and profitability of the game provide the developers with the resources needed to revisit and implement these teased elements. As the game continues to evolve, the re-introduction of these features could transform Palworld from an already enjoyable experience into a truly exceptional one. With the support of the community and the dedication of the developers, there's every reason to believe that these missing features will, in time, make their triumphant return, enriching the world of Palworld for everyone who ventures into it.