03 Apr

Alison Harvard


Baldur's Gate 3 is a treasure trove of items that can tip the scales in favor of your party. Among these, the Worgfang dagger stands out as a crucial tool in the early stages of the game, particularly due to its effectiveness against Goblins. This guide will show you how to get this coveted item into your arsenal.

Step 1: Begin the Quest for Halsin

Begin the Quest

The Worgfang can be discovered during Act 1 as you embark on the journey to free Halsin, the Druid leader, during the crucial "Rescue the Druid Halsin" quest. Start off by mingling with the Druids in the Emerald Grove and piecing together the whereabouts of their missing leader.

Step 2: Navigate to the Goblin Camp

Your path to obtaining the Worgfang will take you deep into the domain of the Goblins. Navigate from Emerald Grove through the Blighted Village, down the hillside, and over a bridge that serves as the gateway to the Goblin Camp. Your destination is the Shattered Sanctum, an abandoned temple marked by past conflicts.

Step 3: Infiltrate the Worg Pens

The Worg Pens are found within Shattered Sanctum, behind a nondescript door at coordinates X: 342, Y: 26. Prepare yourself for a confrontation as the pens are patrolled by unsavory Goblin guards.

Infiltrate the Worg Pens

Step 4: Engage and Explore

Inside the Worg Pens, you'll spot two animal enclosures. While one contains a pair of fearsome Worgs, the other is home to a Bear. The game offers you a choice here—if you possess the ability to speak with animals, dialogue with the Bear could make your task easier. Otherwise, be ready for combat, which could be instigated by antagonizing the Goblins or attempting to liberate the Bear.

Step 5: Unveil the Druid Halsin

Once the combat subsides, it's time to converse with the Bear. In a stunning revelation, he will introduce himself as the shapeshifted Halsin. With the Druid's true identity exposed, the Worg Pens are now available for a thorough investigation, including the procurement of the Worgfang dagger.

Step 6: Claim Your Prize

Delve into the cage once housing the Worgs and search amongst the debris. The Worgfang lies within a pile at coordinates X: 386, Y: -16, a worthy prize for your efforts.

Claim Your Prize

Step 7: Wield the Worgfang Strategically

The Worgfang isn't just any dagger; its unique perk, Goblin's Undoing, makes it a prized possession. Goblins will have difficulty landing their attacks against any character brandishing the weapon. This advantage can be especially useful as you engage in skirmishes throughout the Goblin Camp or when you decide to rally against them later in Act 1.

Optimizing the Use of Worgfang

To extricate the full potential of the Worgfang, choose a character that excels with daggers.

Rogues take precedence

With their finesse and agility, Rogues can not only cause Goblins to falter with their attacks but can also capitalize on their own offensive tactics by leveraging Sneak Attacks and Cunning Action Hide.

Rangers and Bards as alternatives

Rangers, apart from their ranged prowess, can use the Worgfang as a secondary weapon choice in close encounters. Bards, with their decent dexterity, might find the dagger a good option when their melodic magics are exhausted.

Optimizing the Use of Worgfang

Monks might benefit

In certain scenarios, a DEX-based Monk could find the Worgfang useful, at least until their martial arts skills surpass the need for weaponry.


The Worgfang dagger holds significant value in the early game of Baldur's Gate 3, especially when pitted against the Goblin hordes. Follow this guide with confidence, and the Worgfang will become a cornerstone of your party's strength. Remember, synergy with your characters' skills is paramount to harnessing the full power of this exceptional blade. Embark on your quest with strategy and anticipation, for the blade that can turn the tide of battle against the Goblins awaits your command.