The Ultimate Showdown: Ranking The Best Final Bosses In The Yakuza Series

  • 10-03-2023 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

For many years, the Yakuza series has been celebrated for its thrilling narrative and explosive action. It’s no surprise, then, that the series’ final boss fights are some of the most intense battles in gaming. From Keiji Shibusawa in Yakuza 0 to Takechi Hanpeita in Like A Dragon: Ishin!, each endgame confrontation offers a unique challenge and leaves an indelible mark on players. Here is our ranking of the best final bosses in this franchise.

Keiji Shibusawa

At number one is Keiji Shibusawa from Yakuza 0. As Kiryu's former mentor, his fight with the young yakuza is packed with emotion as he stands between Kiryu and Kazuma's dreams. With his powerful moveset and overwhelming strength, it was certainly a difficult battle but ultimately satisfying when he was overcome by Kiryu's newfound power. His story ties into all of Kiryu's struggles throughout the game, making him an unforgettable adversary for fans of this iconic franchise.

Akira Nishikiyama

Number two is Akira Nishikiyama from both Yakuza and its remake Kiwami. This fan-favorite character has gone through several transformations over time - first as a close confidant to Kazuma before becoming one of his most violent adversaries at their eventual showdown in Kamurocho Park during Kiwami 2’s climax sequence. Despite being weakened due to illness during his battle with Kazuma, Nishikiyama still manages to put up quite a fight using his martial arts skills which make him a dangerous foe even after taking damage throughout their epic duel.

Best Bosses In The Yakuza game

Ryuji Goda

Rounding out our top three is Ryuji Goda from Yakuza 2/Yakuza Kiwami 2, who puts up an impressive performance against Kazuma at Sotenbori Riverbank on New Year’s Eve 2008 before finally succumbing to defeat after an intense struggle against “the dragon of Dojima” himself! Goda commands respect not only for his intimidating presence and formidable skill set but also because he was able to reach such heights despite having spent much of his life living on the streets since childhood – making him a truly inspirational figure among many gamers who have followed his journey over time!

Seishiro Munakata

Fourth place goes to Seishiro Munakata from Yakuza 4, whose mysterious past unravels over time as you progress through each chapter within this title; eventually culminating in what can only be described as one heck of an emotional face-off between father & son near Tokyo Tower! Not only does this finale prove how far players have come since starting out with just four playable characters – but it also serves as a testament to how complex storylines can be handled effectively within video games these days – making it another memorable moment from this beloved franchise indeed!

Masato Aizawa

Next comes Masato Aizawa from Yakuza 5, who makes for quite an imposing sight when standing atop Mt Fuji whilst challenging players with waves upon waves of minions ready to take them down if they fail! What makes this particular encounter so special however, lies not just within its cinematic presentation but also because it allows us all to get closer than ever before to understanding Aizawa’s true motivations behind why he chose such extreme methods when dealing with any threats posed against Japan itself – further deepening our appreciation towards everything we were taught while playing through earlier titles like Zero or Four previously too!

Bosses In Yakuza Series

Ryo Aoki And Masato Arakawa

Following closely behind in the sixth position comes Ryo Aoki And Masato Arakawa from Like A Dragon: Ishin! This dynamic duo is certainly no slouches when it comes to facing off against protagonist Ichiban Kasuga, tossing out deadly combos while utilizing their full range martial arts skillset combined together alongside powerful weaponry thanks largely thanks help provided by ‘God Hand’ technology found within Ijincho City itself - making them easily one amongst toughest opponents faced across entire series thus far without doubt whatsoever!

Mitsuru Kuroiwa

Finally, we have Mitsuru Kuroiwa from Judgment, who shows himself to be a worthy opponent after numerous clashes throughout the game until the final scene in the courtroom, where the player must try to keep calm under pressure to defeat the corrupt lawyer in charge of organizing the events leading up to the trial involving the main character, Takayuki Yagami and others. Needless to say, he who has familiarized himself with the rules of the law beforehand should have a better chance of winning. Otherwise, he risks being back at square one, so be sure to prepare in advance, friends, or you might find yourself in a bad situation (as shown above)!